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Session Replay

Watch your users journey and see their full experience on your app. Whether you wish to optimise conversion for a particular flow or find the reason for why there is a high drop-off from another, video sessions will help you tackle all issues and guide you towards the optimum and seamless user experience

  • How can we get more registrations, transactions and conversions?
  • How can we provide a seamless and smooth user experience with minimum drop-offs?

Tagging your app with events and measuring clicks and screens views is one way. But this is nowhere near enough as a solution. averous allows you to view sessions of users one by one. Taps, swipes and all actions are recorded so you get the full picture. Filter which sessions you are most interested to view, while focusing on the most important: shortest sessions, highest drop-off screens / videos, first time users who never returned. Step by step, you will be able to tackle caveats in your app and direct next round of improvements on app to ensure higher metrics a healthier app and ultimately a more successful business. So much can be saved by having a window to customer experience directly. Instead of guessing, be sure!

Conversion funnels

Build funnels on the fly for all the important user flows. Increase conversions by focusing on on areas with largest drop-offs. All the while optimisation is on-going, you can rest assured by monitoring impact of all changes done

  • Where are the highest drop-offs happening in your app?
  • What is the average time to complete a certain step? Or move from screen to screen

Building funnels on the fly will answer the above. Select which events and or screens you’d like to have as part of your funnel. Then you will be able to focus on lowest hanging fruit at the start then move into ironing out optimisations at each step at a screen by screen level.

Automatic event tagging

Our analytics are out of the box and do not require any pre-defining of events.

averous automatically detects all screens, gestures and user actions in your app, saving you time and improving your workflow.

Users flow

Our user flows give you a big picture of how users are navigating within your app.
You’ll quickly understand where the majority of your users are making their way between your different screens.
As always, every individual session is recorded

Crash analytics

Ensure your app is at highest level of Crash Free rates. Not only will you be able to detect and trace crashes one by one, but you will also be able to know the reason behind the crash by seeing videos of user behavior that resulted in each crash.

The worst experience a user can get on an app is a Crash. All previous behavior is cleared, and some might abandon the app for a while. This is why businesses should have it a top priority to resolve all crashes at once. As a developer, finding the root cause of a crash is not an easy task. Seeing the code that led up to a crash is good but suboptimal. Connecting crashes to relevant videos that led up to the them is the best and fastest way to reproduce and resolve. Get crashes and all required information in a configurable dashboard live and in real-time via averous.  

Heat Maps

Via touch heatmaps, you’ll be able to detect any hidden features, buttons that you would like to instead highlight. By analysing the zones where people are tapping you will ensure your users are not lost with the way elements are structured on your apps

  • Where are the highest drop-offs happening in your app?
  • Are your users tapping on where would benefit them most?
  • Do you have hidden spots or features not used enough?

With averous, you will be able to see aggregate reports of all gestures, taps and actions on screens / pages, therefore allowing you to make informed decisions on changing UI elements, removal of features while focusing on others.

UI Analysis

Our solid algorithms will highlight areas in the users experience that need your prioritised attention. Screens with longest or shortest duration, UI elements never clicked, frozen screens are just to name a few. Recommendations on actions that should be taken are also presented.

Product Teams love averous

On-site Analytics
On-site Analytics

Holistic view of all on-site analytics with most important metrics high-lighted

Conversion Optimisation
Conversion Optimisation

Push Conversions upwards by taking bold data- driven decisions based on reliable and relevant numbers

Customer Centric
Customer Centric

Focus on customers first by getting a window into their actions and pains directly

KPI improvement
KPI improvement

Drive business KPIs by focusing on what matters to both users and the bottom line of the company

Technology Teams love averous

Crash-Rate Monitoring

averous automatically detects crashed sessions and provides crash video recordings and symbolicated crash reports. Crashed can be recreated easily and accurately.

RAM / CPU / Battery Utilization

averous has the necessary intelligence to monitor RAM, CPU and Battery usage; thus ensuring peace of mind of users and high efficiency

Automatic Event Tagging

averous automatically detects all screens, gestures and user actions in your app, saving you time and improving your workflow without the need of pre-defining any events.

Alerting System

As developers, you can rest assured that in case of need, an alert is triggered depending on severity of case.

Averous is committed to delivering an extremely secure and compliant platform for our users

We stand behind our service and ensure the highest availability of our product and support

70+ data centers on 6 continents to ensure a consistent experience for every user.

Travis Bolton

We were watching users trying to browse the website. We noticed that there was a page that had an abnormally long page duration. With video shared, developers were able to resolve the issue in no time as it was clear exactly where error was happening. Problem was fixed in no time!

UX Specialist
Sara Raslan
UX Specialist

As a UX specialist, I am very comfortable when videos are checked before deciding on the fate of a feature. Behavior is understood perfectly thanks to averous. Improvement suggestions also give huge insights. As a result, we provide users with experiences expected and necessary for high level of satisfaction. This sets us apart from competition accordingly.

Susanne O'Brian
Project Manager

I love reviewing sessions to see how our visitors interact with our app. It helps us organize our screen layout to make it easier for our users. Thanks to averous, we enhanced our customer experience and see much better funnels and conversion metrics.

Craig Shepperd
Senior Developer

averous allows us to verify customer issues seamlessly. This is not possible without session replay. Crashes are detected and resolved in no time. Instead of spending hours debugging code, check out the session linked to the crash and pin-point the issue in no time!

Integrate and Setup in Minutes

1 Line of code in your app or website is enough to start your journey towards an optimum experience and healthier platforms.

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