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Averous Terminology Defined

Welcome to Averous! As you get started, let’s make sure we’re aligned on our terminology. Use the list below as a reference as you explore the dashboard:

  1. Launches-  An “App Launch” occurs once a session is successfully started (once a configuration request to Averous has been received). If a session was successfully completed, it is then counted as a session (once the session metadata was uploaded, either with or without video). If the session failed to upload or crashed ungracefully, only the App Launch counter will increase.
  2. Sessions– An Averous session starts whenever your app is either launched or resumed from the background. A session ends when your app crashes, is explicitly closed, or sent to background.
  3. Active Users– A user who has had at least one session during the selected time frame. Active users= returning users + new users.
  4. New Users– A user who had their first session during the selected time frame.
  5. Returning Users– A user who did not have their first session during the selected time frame, but did have their 2nd session or above during it.
  6. Unresponsive Gesture– An unresponsive gesture indicates either a functionality issue (ex: a button not working) or a design issue (users tapping on an area of the screen that isn’t meant to be interactive).
  7. Crash- Apssee tracks all native NS signals & crashes except for MACH exceptions (which usually occur on launch)
  8. App kill– Application Not Responding is a state that exists where the app is stuck in a process and does not respond to user input. Technically, this happens when the app’s UI thread is frozen for more than 5 seconds.
  9. ANR– An app is considered killed when the user ends it in an ungraceful manner, through the task manager.
  10. Impression- A screen impression measures the total number of times a screen was viewed, even when viewed multiple times in a session.